Holland Cross
GC Workplace Fit-up
Ottawa, ON

Flexibility Beyond the Workstation

DLA partnered with Atkinson Schroeter Design Group (ASDG) to design flexible office spaces for the relocation of Health Canada programs within Holland Cross. The project applied the guiding principles of PSPC’s GC Workplace Fit-up Standards in vacant 1st and 6th floor suites to provide a new working experience, with separate zones of activity. Closed rooms for focused work or meetings were combined with innovative furniture solutions, such as huddle booths, focus pods, teaming tables, chat points, lounge seating and sit/ stand workbenches. The fit-up space planning was enhanced and highlighted with living moss walls, acoustic clouds, wood slat dividers and suspended privacy panels. Dedicated locker and shower amenities were also provided to support the hybrid schedules of Health Canada employees.